Important Update Related to Eviction Actions


Please be advised that Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, issued Executive Order 20-94 suspending eviction causes of actions for non-payment for a period of 45 days, to wit through on or about May 18, 2020, assuming no revisions or extensions are issued. This impacts your ability to file an eviction action for non-payment of rent and to issue statutorily driven notices demanding the payment of rent. As such, please adjust your practices, and the use of the resources available on this website, accordingly. Three day notices or similar notifications should not be issued during the moratorium periods restricting or prohibiting same. Relevant portions of the Executive Order are outlined below for your review and reference, and specifically states as follows:

“…Section 2. I hereby suspend and toll any statute providing for an eviction cause of action under Florida law solely as it relates to non-payment of rent by residential tenants due to the COVID-19 emergency for 45 days from the date of this Executive Order, including any extensions. Section 3. Nothing in this Executive Order shall be construed as relieving and individual from their obligation to make mortgage payments or rent payments.”

IMPORTANT ADVISORY- We remain connected, accessible and are monitoring coronavirus (COVID19) concerns and the impact it may have on our industry. We are here for you to serve your legal needs through these tumultuous times. As you are likely aware, COVID-19 concerns have affected the Judicial System on multiple levels, including but not limited to operational adjustments, closures, postponements and cancellations. As such, filings, litigation and other legal matters may be affected accordingly. Additionally, please be advised that we cannot guarantee enforceability of statutory notices including Three (3) Day Notices for any time period that the County’s Courthouses in your local jurisdiction operations have been adjusted, closed and/or if there is a moratorium, order or suspension of eviction activity in your jurisdiction due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Delays outside of our control will likely be realized through this time. Unless otherwise required, our offices will remain operational. Please note, we have adopted adjustments in our business activities for the health and safety of all through this time, and respectfully request electronic and telephonic communications. At the present time, we are experiencing a significant increase in incoming call and email volume, please excuse any marginal response delays, and rest assured that all communications will be addressed as quickly as possible. Our best wish to you and yours through this time.

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